Frozen Fanart

I finally got to watch FROZEN a few days ago. There were so many aspects I loved about it. Just to name a few; character design, visual developement, animation, sound design, OST and the relationship between Ana and Elsa. My only complaint was the storyline in the third act (I'll probably get booed by this) but other than that the movie was great fun! Here's a fanart of my favorite scene.


Lately I've been working on my portfolio, first I had to plan how many pages and what exactly I wanted to show. Then I did some thumbnails and followed some great tips shown on the blog of Giselda Sastrawinata. If you dont follow her blog I'll advise you to do it now. So many helpful tips and her artwork is beyond amazing.  Here's my layout so far and  one of my first pages.


Happy 2014!

Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays! I know I did. I danced, drank and ate a lot just like this little guy over here. To start the new year here's my first sketch.