My love for owls!

Owls are wise, insightful, in ancient cultures even seen as guardians and protectors of the underworld. And the list of characteristics goes on. But for me the thing with more relevance is the fact that they are so darn cute. (shallow I know) How? When? Why? did my obsession for drawing, buying, wearing anything owl related started, I cannot say exactly. But one of the things I do remember is my first sketch, almost 3 years ago. Some time off college and a tiny search over my old files, was all that took so I could finally bring my first owly to live. Or I should call it owl/hybrid?
Anyways I have a bunch of drawings that hopefully will be brought to live, with a little help of Mr.time and space and Miss. patience and dedication. 


Sookie.......and her stockings

Continuing with the "Sookie and Guppy"project here's a rough sketch of the protagonist Sookie, the main idea when drawing this character was to make her mainly kooky looking, an eccentric kid at heart with too much energy and a lot of personality. As I was doing the colors for the drawing, painting the stockings all the way up, I remembered the one and only Pippi Longstocking such an amazing character. I must have seen that movie a gazillion times -exaggerating, I know- while growing up. I hold very good memories of Pippi, hopefully we can come up with a character half as good as her. And I'll be posting soon our progress. 


new project...

A girl named Sookie and her fish Guppy........the first of hopefully many sketches to come :)


Vector Illustrations

As much as I love painting in photoshop now, my first introduction to digital art was Illustrator. So I was fascinated with turning every single drawing into vector. Here are some of my drawings and photo compositions with the vector treatment.

                                   The thing I've been drawing the most this past year.
A cupcake girl

Retro kid with color and form inspiration from Julie West (I adore her)

Vector based on a photo composition. 

Eagles with attitude. 

Work in progress (not done)

I was going to left this in my big pile of work that I start and never finish, but I went back to it a couple of days ago and this is what I have so far.

My daily sketchbook!

You know the saying, the more you practice the better you get, - Not that great with english sayings, so I hope I got that right- Anyway I do consider practice as one of the things that get you from square one to being a kick-ass artist, which I hope to be one day. That's why I carry my little moleskine everywhere I go. This are some of the things I like to sketch the most.....kids, animals, babies, cute animals....

I have this fascination towards animals and little kids. 

                                                      My first fanart for a korean drama.

                                                       Love asian culture and koi fish

Split Sketches.....

"Bear and tiny fairy"

"Bear sans tiny fairy"

                                             " Teddy bears are not only for kids "

Both sketches done a few years ago, but I'm posting them here to see if I finally give them some justice (coz this quality of photos surely don't) and also I kind of split both of them for two different projects. I know shame on me, no excuse for that, but hopefully I get a free pass by completing what I had in mind in the first place.

Old stuff....

I did this about a year ago for a magazine contest. It was my first digital painting and it took me a week or so to get used to the whole working on layers, dealing with opacity and pen pressure but when I finally got it, it was like opening a window of endless possibilities, (cmd+z I'm your biggest fan) the ability of going back and forward to get every detail right its something priceless. Don't get me wrong I love my watercolors, oleos, acrylics wouldn't trade them for anything in the world. But it's the novelty of time saving that started my appreciation for digital painting. The painting was titled "Midas whimsical touch"


Newbie in digital art!

I know it's been a while since my last post and hopefully this will be the beginning of a daily rutine.
Although on extended vacations, I've been quite busy with french classes, driving classes and now with a mural painting due for the end of the month, but excuses are just...well excuses. Clean state and all, I started this painting a while ago and just now finished, I'm a newbie in digital arts so went over a couple (hundreds) of tutorials and online magazines to learn a trick or two... Practice makes perfect, right?
I was having trouble with the background and I painted it over too many times, finally I just went for a brush.