new avatar

Just felt like it was time to update my avatar. Tried to Keep it simple by using just values, and going after a retro look.



Going Back...

Today I was going through some old files and I found this, one of my first attempts in digital painting that unfortunately I never got to render properly. So I put a texture for the background and arrange some of the colors. Not content with the results I got, I thought of repainting and redrawing it, now that I gained a bit more knowledge in PS. But with so many things to do and paintings to finish I decided to post it anyways so in the future I can compare both approaches.


Frog boy! (using curves)

It's been months since I started painting this one. Even after most of the color and lighting was done. I felt something was missing, the colors were to flat. Looking up some painting tutorials and some amazing artist who are nice enough to share with us some of their tricks. I found out how helpful curves, hue and saturation are to get your picture pops a bit. So today after some twiches and playing around with curves, hue and saturation I think it's actually ready.