My long expected header

Ever since I created the blog I've been wanting to come up with the perfect header, but whenever perfect comes to mind it turns into a perfection issue of mine, because it's not so easily resolved and can take moths or even years. Some might say is the artist way to cover up procrastination and I might agree to this in some level, because instead of making more art I'm just in a constant block ( it really feels like a neverending stuck.) So to put a stop to this drawing- block I went back to the design and painted all over again, it might not look as well as I thought it would. But I'm quite happy with the outcome which is something I have to start to get used to. How can I wish for my paintings to come up perfectly when I don't put the amount of work needed. (Now, I come to realize that this artblog has turn more into an artjournal, which I think is ok for the time being) With nothing else to add here is my header, enjoy.