New Painting

Here's a new paintings for my children's illustration portfolio. I'm trying that each piece has a better understanding of atmosphere and emotion.

Studying color

I'm trying to push more my color  skills by doing some color studies everyday and  going back to the properties of color: hue, saturation, value and temperature, to approach every single painting.


"Me estoy divirtiendo"

"Me estoy divirtiendo" was another book that I illustrated for Benchmark Education. The story of an outdoorsy bird and a savvy tech iguana. I had fun drawing both. Enjoy!


Mira que fruta más rica

A couple of months ago, I had the pleasure to illustrate the book "Mira que fruta más rica" for Benchmark Education. It's the story of an iguana who can't stop eating and changes color everytime he eats a new fruit. Another quirky fact is that his belly keeps getting bigger and bigger. Enjoy!


Tea party

Finally finished another painting, was about time, right? I've been starting new paintings every now and then (working on my thesis atm, so no much time to paint) but sadly most of them ended up in my folder of random sketches or just loose paintings. Somehow something looks off to me and that is quickly solved by starting a new sketch. So to break an increasing new and bad habit, I went back to this sketch.


Kids illustration

I'm working on several pieces for my kid's illustration portfolio, here's one of the first.


Girl and frog

I'm very fond of drawing frogs they have such a great character. They're quirky and cute at the same time. So when I went back to see what sketches to paint this was one of the chosen ones.

catch the flag

I'm trying to paint the majority of my sketches. Here's one of the first. Enjoy!



Today's sketch_dailies theme was Velma and I couldn't pass this one over. One of my favorite cartoons growing up was Scooby Doo so I'm very fond of the always courageous and smart pants Velma.


Boy and Chameleon!

I'm now a fan of playing with more dynamic and brighter color compositions. I was a little scared at first of tackling foreshortening, but I think I looks pretty decent though. I've been taking some pictures with my new camera and I think this has influenced my painting in a great way. Now I see how a shallow depth of field can really guide us to the central point of any composition.


Re- painting

I learned so much going back to this painting. When I first tackled the lighting I had it all wrong I had an overexposed background and the main characters all lighted up too, as if they were not affected by it. Now after doing some research I went back and placed the shadows and rim light where is supposed to. I see this as an opportunity to take several of my unfinished paintings to another level.


Valentine's day!

Here's a lovely card for Valentine's day, hope everyone had a great day! I know I did. 


It's Jess!

My love for  american sitcoms comparing to other years it's certainly long gone but recently I got to sit down and watch a few episodes of New girl. And boy, I was missing on such a fun and entertaining sitcom and can Zooey Deschannel be more adorkable? Seriously, I might follow this one until the end or well at least until the TPTB can provide decent storylines for the characters. Also the theme song it's pretty catchy.....It's Jess!


#sketch_dailies : Ursula

First time doing a sketch for #sketch_daillies. The little Mermaid was my favorite movie growing up so drawing Ursula was really fun. I tried to keep her original design as much as possible. I think I got her looking the same by the exception of her hands which are so weird. Mental note to start sketching more hands. Hope everyone is participating in this daily sketches and the ones who aren't, come and enjoy the fun.


K-drama fanart

I'm a huge fan of Korean dramas. And every once in a while comes a drama that triggers my passion for obssessive watching (I have a long list of series that fit in this category) and when I say obsessive watching is well...total madness (checking forums, BTS pics, watching each episode at least 3 times) But this to me it's just plain loyal behavior for a series that makes me so happy. :) If you guys enjoy romantic comedies well consider this as a 16 hour movie that will make you laugh, cry and most important you get to do a lot of fangirling and swooning.  So to get back I did this fanart.


Frozen Fanart

I finally got to watch FROZEN a few days ago. There were so many aspects I loved about it. Just to name a few; character design, visual developement, animation, sound design, OST and the relationship between Ana and Elsa. My only complaint was the storyline in the third act (I'll probably get booed by this) but other than that the movie was great fun! Here's a fanart of my favorite scene.


Lately I've been working on my portfolio, first I had to plan how many pages and what exactly I wanted to show. Then I did some thumbnails and followed some great tips shown on the blog of Giselda Sastrawinata. If you dont follow her blog I'll advise you to do it now. So many helpful tips and her artwork is beyond amazing.  Here's my layout so far and  one of my first pages.


Happy 2014!

Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays! I know I did. I danced, drank and ate a lot just like this little guy over here. To start the new year here's my first sketch.