Xmas Card!

Merry Christmas to all and happy holidays to all followers and visitors out there. This is a little token of appreciation from yours truly.


Laisita goes for a walk

I'm trying to develop my own personal style by trying out all these different styles of rendering, painting, using brushes and all that I see other artists do. I'm a firm believer that one should start by copying the work of others and then petit à petit,  you gain a better understanding of what style you are more comfortable with and inspired. I hope I get there soon :)


Launching your kid into the air

I was inspired by a video on youtube and did this late at night. All I have to say is launching your kid into the air, looks tons of fun and cute  but not at all responsible.


Fish are the new prince charming

This painting was born as a simple sketch in my moleskine and after weeks if not months of procrastination. I sat down today and worked on the lights and shadows and the overall look, now I can finally say it's done. Since I'm still learning digital painting my process is well quite messy to say something, hopefully with time I'll find a way to work in a logical order and not try to go back and forward between layers. Here's a summary of my process.

First sketch

I started with the backgrounds and the colors.

Then I was getting a bit bored (I know) and I started to see how it would look like with lights. 

     Doing details even though I was not sure about the background being so plane and  simple. 

 Since the colors needed a more vivid look and put down an overlay layer.

And the final product...

nadia ronquillo



To vanquish my notorious drawing block I decided to look for inspiration in one of my favorite social network of the moment. Tumblr, yes I'm a total late bloomer when it comes to social medias. With that being said I currently enjoy the amount of photos regarding books, illustration, art, and why not silly gifs. This fast painting was done after looking at a similar photo of a boy holding a book. Nothing wrong with the boy I just prefer drawing little girls with books. 



Recently I've been doing some background work for a 2D college project. Since this is my first time doing backgrounds I did some thumbnails to record the process and to see what can I do better next time. With that said, one of the things I can easily point out, is how much time I lose by not keeping and order while working on my layers. I just go back and forward too many times. And my lightning and shadowing should come after I'm done with my values.


My long expected header

Ever since I created the blog I've been wanting to come up with the perfect header, but whenever perfect comes to mind it turns into a perfection issue of mine, because it's not so easily resolved and can take moths or even years. Some might say is the artist way to cover up procrastination and I might agree to this in some level, because instead of making more art I'm just in a constant block ( it really feels like a neverending stuck.) So to put a stop to this drawing- block I went back to the design and painted all over again, it might not look as well as I thought it would. But I'm quite happy with the outcome which is something I have to start to get used to. How can I wish for my paintings to come up perfectly when I don't put the amount of work needed. (Now, I come to realize that this artblog has turn more into an artjournal, which I think is ok for the time being) With nothing else to add here is my header, enjoy.


new avatar

Just felt like it was time to update my avatar. Tried to Keep it simple by using just values, and going after a retro look.



Going Back...

Today I was going through some old files and I found this, one of my first attempts in digital painting that unfortunately I never got to render properly. So I put a texture for the background and arrange some of the colors. Not content with the results I got, I thought of repainting and redrawing it, now that I gained a bit more knowledge in PS. But with so many things to do and paintings to finish I decided to post it anyways so in the future I can compare both approaches.


Frog boy! (using curves)

It's been months since I started painting this one. Even after most of the color and lighting was done. I felt something was missing, the colors were to flat. Looking up some painting tutorials and some amazing artist who are nice enough to share with us some of their tricks. I found out how helpful curves, hue and saturation are to get your picture pops a bit. So today after some twiches and playing around with curves, hue and saturation I think it's actually ready.