May all your wishes come true.....

Is that time of the year were I feel a bit nostalgic..(yes more than on my birthday)
I guess it happens to all of us every once in a while, In my case was somehow triggered by an old blog I used to write back when I was 16 and kind of made me remember something...
I had a dream back then which now has morphed into something else these days and for that to eventually happen I have to start pushing and working to get to that gole.
And what better way to do it  than to write down all my thoughts and of course my drawings in a humble blog where I can showcase my progress.
I want to work as an illustrator and hopefully work for the industry. I know my chances are few but perseverance gets you places, that I know.
I know I've been afraid or hesitated to post or to start a blog more than once, just because I felt like I wasn't ready...well I wasn't ready to show my paintings back when I was 16 and I did it anyways....for what motivation.
Motivation that I need now more than ever-maybe tons of it- So I wish this is the beginning of a new chapter in my life. And heres for a new year filled with opportunities, purpose and lots and lots of drawings.
Happy New Year!