Fish are the new prince charming

This painting was born as a simple sketch in my moleskine and after weeks if not months of procrastination. I sat down today and worked on the lights and shadows and the overall look, now I can finally say it's done. Since I'm still learning digital painting my process is well quite messy to say something, hopefully with time I'll find a way to work in a logical order and not try to go back and forward between layers. Here's a summary of my process.

First sketch

I started with the backgrounds and the colors.

Then I was getting a bit bored (I know) and I started to see how it would look like with lights. 

     Doing details even though I was not sure about the background being so plane and  simple. 

 Since the colors needed a more vivid look and put down an overlay layer.

And the final product...

nadia ronquillo