CGMA classes! Fundamentals of Character design

To keep improving with my craft I'm taking Fundamentals of Character Design, (lectures by Wouter Tulp and instructed by Chris Ayers) I'm on week five and so far it's been great, the content deals with design, use of shapes, gesture, analytical drawing, use of reference and more. There's a bunch of knowledge to gain from the clear approach to character design of Mr. Tulp. There were some things I knew from reading this or that book, but another thing it's to listen to his lecture and then do the follow-up homework to really work out those learning muscles.  The feedback and Q&A are given by Chris Ayers, who is such an awesome artist and teacher. I remembered going through his work when I was in school and being so amazed by his characters and work and know to watch him take my somewhat scribbles hehe to another level it's just wow. After this, I'm planning to take more classes for sure.

Here are some of my drawings for the class. I plan to do another post with the corrections and if I have some time a color version as well.